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Why we choose to use foil pouches over more 'natural' looking packaging?


We take pride in providing you, our consumer with top quality superfood products that get to you with maximum bio-availability and potency, which is why we choose to package them in premium, multi-layered, fully-lined metalised foil pouches.


The internal compartment is lined with food grade plastic so no metal/aluminium component can come into contact with the food powders. These top of the line pouches provide the best protection from micro-oxygen, moisture and light transmission through the wall of the pouch, all of which diminish the quality of superfood powders over time. Even though more 'natural' looking brown pouches look more organic and natural (usually sprayed paper over the top of plastic) they do not provide the same level of protection due to being extremely porous to these degrading factors and therefore reduce the potency and quality of the product.


Here are the Water Vapour Transmission Rates and Oxygen Transmission Rates for our foil pouches compared to Biodegradable and Kraft Paper Pouches. 


                                                           Our Foil Pouches               Biodegradable Pouches                Kraft Paper Pouches

Water Vapour Transmission Rate      0.02g/cc/M²/day                 8.4g/cc/M²/day                              14g/cc/M²/day

Oxygen Transmission Rate                0.03g/cc/M²/day                 0.2g/cc/M²/day                              3g/cc/M²/day


*You can see that the amount of water and oxygen that will transmit into the packaging is very low with foil, preserving the quality and potency of the product.  


Raw Cacao Chocolate
Cacao and Beetroot Coconut Slice