3:30 Detox Diet now Back in Stock!

3:30 Detox Diet now Back in Stock!

The wait is over! Our popular 3:30 detox diet is now back in stock and better than ever with a new superfood addition.

We apologize for the delay but we have been working very hard with our supplier in Peru to be able to source the amazing Organic Yacon Root powder, which has now been added to our detox formula.

Thank-you to all our loyal customers who have waited so patiently for this product to arrive.

So why detox?

The human body was designed to cleanse itself. Unfortunately, we no longer live in the same world we evolved in…. Industrialization has caused a sudden spike in conditions in our environment and not all of it is good for our body chemistry. The amount of toxins entering our bodies is staggering. Numerous chemicals and toxins, introduced into the natural environment, have found their way into our bodies through the very air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

The 3:30 Detox Diet works with unique natural compounds and the body’s own processes to help flush out toxins and burn the fat they are stored in - naturally. 

Some benefits of the 3:30 detox;

  • Look good before a holiday or social event
  • Kick-start an improved lifestyle
  • Increase your vitality, energy and endurance
  • Improve your skin and body odour
  • Prepare for pregnancy
  • Rebuild your immune system
  • Have a calmer mind and better sleep 


Why add Organic Yacon Root powder?

The 3:30 detox formula contains 7 key superfood ingredients specifically chosen for their unique health promoting qualities that support the body’s own natural detox systems. Dietary fibre is critical in aiding the healthy elimination of toxins from the digestive tract and is a key element missing from many so called ‘detox’ cleanses available today (eg. tea and juice cleanses).

Yacon root powder is not only a delicious addition to the detox formula but is an excellent source of dietary fibre and prebiotics such as inulin and fos. These compounds have both been shown to support the healthy growth of bifidus and lactobacillus bacteria in the colon enhancing gut health.

For more information about the 3:30 detox diet click here.