Great Reasons To Start Eating Healthy Hemp?

Great Reasons To Start Eating Healthy Hemp?

Hemp is part of the same species (Cannabis sativa) as Marijuana, however they are different strains and Hemp contains only very low concentrations of THC (which is the psychoactive compound in Marijuana), meaning you can’t get high from consuming or smoking hemp. Because the two plants are so closely related, Hemp has historically been lumped together with Marijuana and banned for human consumption.

Now that there is increased awareness/education around the differences between the two plants and the health benefits, bans on Hemp as a food are slowly being lifted around the world.

A bit about NZ regulation
• There is no link between hemp seed as food and medicinal cannabis – the levels of active cannabinoids in low-THC hemp food product are well below any level that has proven any form of therapeutic effect.
• In New Zealand, the Hemp rules state the THC level in the plant to be generally below 0.35% and not above 0.5%


Hemp seeds are cold-pressed to create oil and ground down into a protein rich powder and high fibre flour.
Hemp is the only plant food source to contain an ideal ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids which may support a healthy immune system and cholesterol levels. It contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids making it a complete, vegan protein source.

Why do people consume hemp?

• Complete protein source (provides all nine essential amino acids)
• Plant-based (vegan)
• Rich in amino acid arginine (benefits for heart health)
• Source of essential fatty acids (omega 3) – omega reduces inflammation
• High in fibre – reduce appetite, assist weight management, stabilize blood sugar levels, promotes healthy gut
• Vitamin source – Vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, iron, thiamine

How to use it?
As a food source, hemp seeds are very versatile and are typically sprinkled on salads, eaten as a snack, incorporated in breads and baking (do not need to be cooked or soaked before eating).