Australian Athlete on Matakana SuperFoods

Australian Athlete on Matakana SuperFoods

We get so excited to hear about our customers success stories, especially those people who have overcome illness to return to optimal health. The testimonial below is no exception. It demonstrates the power of food and that with the right nutrition the body is better able to not only recover from illness but also excel both physically and mentally in the competitive environment of elite sport. If you have a similar story we would love to hear it! 



My daughter is a National Athlete here in Australia who due to health issues, has found that she can remain healthy and compete well using Matakana products.  As she is now approaching selection for International competition we are ensuring that the various supplements she takes that have returned her to health are not or do not contain banned substances according to WADA.

In her daily banana smoothie she adds Matakana products:  Sacha Inchi Powder; super greens; sometimes cacao; and 1 tbsp of Supershake.  She is a coeliac who was diagnosed with  endo and polycystic ovaries which leaves her prone to insulin resistance.  Since going gluten and soy free, and 99% processed food free just over a year ago she has gained her good fats and good carbs etc through your products (and fresh food diet, some meat etc - no bread, pasta etc)  and is now having NO symptoms of any of her diagnosed issues, AND running and winning at National level again. 

Thanks for any assistance you can give us re. the suitability of Matakana products to an Athlete about to embark on the American NCAA and other international competitions.

Kind regards



Hi Michelle,

No issues with wada on any of our products except one – suma root which contains a plant sterol called b-ectersterone which helps hormone levels and retension of muscle mass It is a great safe product but WADA wont let athletes compete with it.Suma is not in any of the blends/shakes etc so if you steer clear of that one product you will be good to go.

Glad to hear she is doing well at that level and you have found a natural solution to her health issues. We have a number of elite athletes using the various products including super shake and it appears to help with a range of things including recovery at that level of competition.

Re the insulin resistance – in addition to what you are already doing purple corn flour may be a good addition to her diet in any baked goods you make as a gluten free flour – there is something in it which seems to help with insulin resistance according to some recent research.

Fucoidan – an extract of seaweed may also help with the bowel and general inflammation. Either in capsule form (50%) or in our new wakame/mekabu powder which will be out in the next few weeks.




Hi Kevin

Thank you so much for your prompt reply, and boy are we thrilled she can keep taking her Matakana... we all do but she is the one who has just had the most phenomenal return to health.

I will keep my eye out with my next order for the products you have recommended, as we are always looking at anything that will allow her to have a bit of variety whilst maintaining her comfort and health.

We sing Matakana praises over here to all our friends and family who have all quite marveled at my daughters return to both health, and the National podium after a 3 year struggle with her health.

Thank you once again for such a quick response with the good news!

Kind regards