Byron Bay Coffee – A Special Connection

Byron Bay Coffee – A Special Connection

You may well ask what the connection is between Matakana and Byron Bay. Well, as it turns out, the plateau above Byron was the site of one of our first plantations.

At around 300m above sea level the volcanic plateau made up of the small villages of Bangalow, Federal, Alstonville and Wollongbar holds some of the most fertile ground in Australia.

With rich-red soils up to 70ft deep, the main crops grown are macadamia (a star in any keto diet) and coffee.

Our Byron plantation was the site of some of my first superfoods crops, including goji berry, chia, maqui berry and moringa.

We also introduced the yucca plant to Australia and NZ from there. I originally imported the yucca plant from Costa Rica and Guatemala as a potential commercial source of natural vitamin C.

At the time China was taking over the world’s production of vitamin C with a three-step process using genetically modified corn starch and GM enzymes.

Most people don’t realise that 99% of the worlds vitamin C is derived this way (including the vit C supplements commonly purchased in NZ).

I later found Camu Camu to be the best natural source of vitamin C and we still bring it in from our Peruvian co-op partners with all the co-factors and flavonoids intact!

I spent around 20yrs travelling between Matakana and my two plantations in Rochdale (Brisbane) and Byron Bay.

One week every 2nd month I would spend in Byron. Looking back I don’t think I ever considered it work it was more a passion.

Most days would begin with a surf at Wategos or the Pass at day break, followed by a stop at the kiosks along Byron’s main street for a coffee on the way to the plateau.

In 20 years of going to Byron, I don’t remember ever having a bad coffee. The coffee from that region has an distinctive richness and smooth flavour unmatched anywhere else I have experianced.

The coffee roasters in Byron really have turned their product into an art form.

Byron is such an iconic place and filled with so many iconic Australian characters, so it’s no surprise they have created such unique flavours in their coffees!

A note from Kevin Glucina

Founder of Matakana SuperFoods