Meet Hannah from Health Yeah!

Meet Hannah from Health Yeah!

Hannah, Health Yeah!

Hannah Horton is the creator of the fabulous Kiwi blog Health Yeah!. Hannah describes her blog as a “no B-S, clean eating, clean planet blog about wholefoods, wholesome products and living life to the fullest.” Health Yeah! is full of tantalising recipes and health tips; healthy home-made chocolates, coconut blackberry cheesecake and eggplant curry, sit alongside a DIY guide to making your own milk.

Hannah is a big believer in the power of food to revolutionise health, vitality and happiness, a philosophy we completely agree with. In fact, her own journey to health started with a green smoothie, so it’s no surprise Hannah is also one of the inspirational women behind #Smovember, an initiative designed to get more people to drink their breakfast this November. Inspired by the New Zealand Movember challenge, #Smovember challenges people to have a green smoothie for breakfast five days a week, every week day of November. We’re big fans.

We sat Hannah down to ask a few questions about health and smoothies.

Q. Why do you choose to start each day with a smoothie?

Smoothies are a drinkable fibre-filled fruit-and-veggie happy meal! They’re a delicious, quick way to download a massive amount of raw nutrients into your body every day. Fresh fruit, leafy greens, superfoods, veggies, nuts, oils, herbs and spices can all be whizzed into delicious creative smoothie concoctions, fibre and all. Because they are full of living enzymes, phytonutrients and essential amino acids, green smoothies tick all the nutrition boxes and keep me full and energised throughout the day. I can't think of a better breakfast!

Q. What have smoothies done for your health?

I would have to say energy and immunity are number one - smoothies and juices are my natural flu shot and they haven't let me down so far! Also, I used to get pretty fatigued with the daily grind, nowadays my energy and overall mood have greatly improved. Other benefits include clearer skin, improved digestion and balanced hormones. Is it all down to smoothies? It's probably the whole clean eating lifestyle but I attribute a big part of that to being able to consume loads of fruit and veggies thanks to my glorious blender!

Q. Do you have any tips for people who want to try to incorporate smoothies into their diet?

Just do it! Grab the nearest blender to you and throw some goodness in there: fruit + greens + liquid + superfoods and a natural sweetener if desired. The Ultimate Green Smoothie Formula is a fool proof guide to help you create perfect green smoothies every time.

As well as increasing your greens intake, we think smoothies are a great way to incorporate more superfoods into your diet. Try adding Sacha Inchi Protein Powder, Maca, or Maqui berry – the possibilities are endless!

If you’re keen to try adding smoothies into your diet and looking for some #Smovember inspiration check out some of Hannah’s favourite recipes - Avo Cacao Green Smoothie or Coco Kale Green Smoothie.