New Product - Organic Wakame & Mekabu Seaweed Powder

New Product - Organic Wakame & Mekabu Seaweed Powder

Wakame and Mekabu seaweed powder is derived from the seaweed species Undaria Pinnatifida. In many Asian cultures this particular seaweed species has been a treasured food item for centuries with some saying that it is the key to living a long and healthy life.

Key Benefits

1. Immune support

Undaria Pinnatifida contains high levels of unique phytonutrients including fucoidans and alginates which are produced to protect the sea vegetable from its harsh marine environment. Research has shown these powerful nutrients to be very beneficial to the human immune system as they are capable of fighting off pathogens as well as inhibit the growth and spread of unhealthy cells within the body. This allows for a strong immune system which is essential for the body to ward off common and more serious ailments.

2. Fights free radicals

It is well known that free radicals can lead to excessive inflammation within the body leading to premature aging, joint issues as well as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and neurological conditions. Research has shown that Undaria seaweed is able to reduce free radicals within the body.

3. A highly nutritious food for general health and wellbeing

As well as the above key benefits Matakana SuperFoods Organic Wakame and Mekabu Seaweed powder is abundant in important nutrients often lacking in the typical western diet.

It is a good source of the following;

Vitamin D – Works together with calcium to build healthy, strong bones. Critical for proper functioning of the immune, nervous and muscular systems.

Vitamin A, C, E and K – These vitamins are very important for skin health as well as maintaining a strong immune system.

Calcium – Wakame has high amounts of bioavailable calcium, important for healthy teeth and bones.

Magnesium – This mineral is important for energy levels as well as for facilitating healthy sleep patterns. It is a common mineral deficiency in western society due to poor diet and stressful working environments.

4. Sourced from uncontaminated waters

There is some concern surrounding seaweed sourced from contaminated waters especially near Japan where water may have been contaminated by the Fukushima disaster. Matakana SuperFoods Organic Wakame and Mekabu powder is only sourced from the pristine, contaminant free, clean waters of Tasmania in Australia. It is strictly organic, eco-friendly and sustainably hand-harvested ensuring that you receive only the best quality product.