New Product Release - Diet Aid Capsules

New Product Release - Diet Aid Capsules

Matakana SuperFoods Diet Aid capsules combine 2 special and unique ingredients: Green Coffee extract and Yacon Root powder.

Green coffee extract comes from the unrefined, raw green coffee bean. The green beans contain strong antioxidants, known as chlorogenic acids. These compounds may help the body to deal with glucose and the absorption of dietary fat, while supporting a healthy metabolism.

Yacon, a tasty root vegetable originating in Peru, is naturally low calorie and low GI. It is rich in fructooligosaccharides (FOS) which act as a prebiotic. FOS are a type of sugar which is not absorbed into the blood stream, instead providing important nutrients to bene­ficial microflora of the colon, supporting healthy bowel function, calcium absorption and healthy cholesterol levels.

In a double blind study of premenopausal, overweight women yacon root assisted in weight reduction. The mechanism for this was unclear but good enough for us to combine this natural root powder with green coffee extract to assist those seeking to shed some kilos and improve their bowel function.

Together these two unique natural food products work synergistically to help support an individual during weight loss.

Directions for use:

Combine with your whole food diet and exercise routine.

Dosage: Take 1 capsule approx. 30 minutes prior to midday and evening meals or as professionally prescribed.

Each 500mg capsule contains: 250mg green coffee extract powder (150mg chlorogenic acid), 250mg organic yacon root powder. No preservatives or additives.