Q & A of the Week - High Blood Pressure

Q & A of the Week - High Blood Pressure


Hi Matakana Superfoods,

I have been buying your super powders for a while now and enjoy the results.

I am wanting to know which of your products would be best for the treatment of high blood pressure?

I await your reply.





Hi Liane

High blood pressure is a multifaceted health problem that often involves body weight, fitness and genetic factors, something which no doubt you have discussed with your doctor.

We don’t have a specific product for the treatment of such a problem. You should primarily be guided by your Doctor on that issue because it is such a big topic which is influenced by many factors.

However, there are many things you can do to give your cardiovascular system the best nutritional support through your diet.

Eating more fresh fruit, vegetables and fish is key. Reducing animal fat/meat to a couple days per week and decreasing your intake of inflammatory foods like vegetable oils (which contain high levels of omega-6) is another.

Just about all of our products contain nutrients and phytochemicals which may be good for the heart and cardiovascular system.

Here are some of the products which I think can aid in your cardiovascular health:

1. Gac fruit capsules - they have high levels of lycopene which is important for a healthy heart and blood vessels.

2. Goji polysaccharide powder - similar to Gac, but with a few different phytonutrients.

3. Yumberry powder - contains OPC antioxidants which support blood vessels.

4. Sacha Inchi oil - has the right ratio of omegas 3-6-9 for the cardiovascular system.

5. Super Greens - a nutrient dense boost for the immune and cardiovascular system.

Liane I hope that helps - most of the above products can be incorporated into a once-per-day healthy smoothie that you can make using any low fat or nut milk of your choice.

Kevin Glucina