Soluble Starch and the Keto Diet

Soluble Starch and the Keto Diet

Soluble Tapioca starch is an ingredient that you can often find in “Low Carb” protein bars or keto-friendly snacking. Yet, starch is full of carbs and it may seem very paradoxical to use this ingredient for Keto diet food. However, Soluble Tapioca Starch (aka soluble tapioca fiber) is quite different from regular Tapioca Starch in its nutritional qualities.

But first off, what is a Keto Diet ?

The keto diet is very low in carbs and high in healthy fats, with an emphasis on nutritious whole foods. Your body begins to utilise the fat being consumed through your diet as a primary source of energy, rather than carbohydrates (sugar).

Tapioca Starch in food processing

Tapioca comes from the cassava root, a plant that grows in the tropics. It’s a common alternative to corn syrup or cornstarch.
Tapioca starch is often used in agribusiness as a main ingredient for snack products like crackers, because it helps with the crunchiness of the products and consistency.

But you're probably thinking, is starch keto-friendly?

And usually, the answer would be: no. But in this case, soluble tapioca starch is produced by breaking down regular tapioca starch using enzymes, resulting in a totally different end product.

How is Soluble Tapioca Starch Keto Friendly?

Soluble tapioca has ZERO net carbs because it is a “resistant” starch. This basically means that resists digestion in your stomach due to its molecular structure.

Soluble tapioca starch serves as a flour-like ingredient. Most flours used for bakery or cooking are non-keto friendly due to their carbohydrate content. However, Soluble tapioca starch offers a keto-friendly alternative to regular flours because it has zero net carbs.

Consuming soluble tapioca starch is also a good way to get extra fiber in your diet, without the carbohydrates which typically accompany it. Resistant starches have also been shown to act as a prebiotic, meaning they might support healthy gut flora.

All in all, soluble tapioca starch can serve as a low net carb flour for baking, useful for keto-diets and has also acts as a prebiotic.

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