Super Capsules: Super Convenient With Zero Fuss

Super Capsules: Super Convenient With Zero Fuss

Are you too time-poor to fuss over making smoothies or baking and experimenting with our superfoods but you’d love the health benefits? Not everyone has the desire, the time or the energy to muster up superfood creations. The solution? Our Super Capsules range. From organic Black & Red Maca to SuperGreens – we’ve got a capsule for you. Nourish your body and take a step closer to enriching your life.

Our diverse super capsules range boasts a variety of minerals, vitamins and nutrients that enhance your health and vitality. For those on the go, they are a convenient way to get a dose of goodness in one easy mouthful. Which Super Capsules are best for you? Keep reading to find out.  


Our Super capsules range includes:

1. Organic Fucoidan Capsules

Our organic Fucoidan is a truly exceptional superfood, especially for those with a compromised immune system. It provides strong and safe immune support and helps to regulate inflammatory processes within the body. In particular, it provides fantastic nutritional assistance for immune, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and gut health. Our fucoidan is harvested from Udarian seaweed taken from the unspoilt waters of Tasmania. It is then extracted using new organic, solvent-free cold water technology.

3rd party studies* of the Okinawan people in Japan are what first sparked interest in fucoidans. Researchers found that the Okinawans had the highest consumption of fucoidans in their diet compared to the rest of the Japanese population. They also found that an unusually high number of Okinawan inhabitants were living well past 100 years... just a coincidence? The high consumption of fucoidans along with other social and lifestyle factors have been attributed to the Okinawans’ incredible longevity.  

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2. Organic Red & Black Maca Root Capsules

Maca Root has been valued in South America for thousands of years for its highly concentrated nutrition. It is an exceptional superfood that helps the body to achieve internal balance. It has a combination of amino acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals as well as other beneficial plant compounds which make maca a powerful adaptogen. 

An adaptogen doesn’t have a specific action; it helps the body respond to any influence or stressor, normalizing physiological functions. Its powerful nutritional make-up nourishes the body’s endocrine system helping to balance hormones, boost energy levels and increase fertility.

There are 3 types of maca (yellow, red and black) each possessing unique beneficial phytochemicals. Red and black maca are the two rarest. They are highly valued for their energising properties as well as their assistance to hormones, mood, stamina and sexual health. Our Red & Black Maca Root Capsules are premium-grade having been gelatinised. This means that they are pulverised during milling which results in easier digestion, superior nutrient release and greater absorption.

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3. Organic Maqui Berry Capsules

Maqui berries were traditionally used by indigenous Chilean Mapuche Indian tribes to promote strength, increase endurance and assist with overall health. Legend has it, that the Mapuche warriors consumed a fermented beverage made from maqui berries three times a day – it is said to have contributed to their amazing strength and endurance. Every part of the incredible Patagonian Maqui tree has medicinal properties, even the leaf and bark. 

The maqui berry also has astonishingly high levels of antioxidants – more than double that of the Acai berry and ten times more than found in Blueberry. Our organic Maqui Berry Capsules contain organically grown and freeze-dried powder which ensures that the vital phytonutrients and antioxidants are retained from the fresh fruit.

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4. Detox for Health Capsules

Our Detox for Health Capsules contain organic cracked cell Chlorella, Spirulina and Fucoidan. These potent natural compounds help support the body’s natural detox processes helping to energise and rebalance the body.

Our Detox Capsules may assist the body to rid itself of toxic substances, control weight and support the immune system. Studies on Chlorella have shown that it is effective at removing toxins from the body by binding to them. Matakana SuperFoods Detox Capsules also contain Spirulina which is incredibly high in protein and a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients. As you’ve already read, Fucoidan can help support the immune system by regulating inflammation in the body.

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5. Memory Plus Capsules

There are many external factors in the environment that can compromise our brain health including toxins, radiation and stress. Not to worry, our Memory Plus Capsules provide enhanced natural support for cognitive function and brain health. We call this “brain food” as you’ll be feeding your brain with this powerful combination of nutrients!

Ashwagandha root is a powerful adaptogenic herb that is believed to support memory and learning. It is also said to help relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress. Fucoidan may help reduce oxidative damage and preserve brain cell function. And then we’ve got Maqui berries - which as you now know - have one of the highest antioxidant levels of any berry known. They also contain unique purple plant pigments which may help the body maintain the microglial cells of the brain. Take care of your most important organ and enjoy the benefits of our Memory plus Capsules.  

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6. Immune Defence Capsules

Our Immune Defence Capsules contain three of nature’s newly-discovered and most powerful immune supporters: Fucoidan, Mangosteen and Camu.
As mentioned – fucoidan is an amazing natural extract from Undaria seaweed and a key part of the Okinawan longevity diet. It activates the human immune system by signalling the body’s killer T cells and also assists the body in the regulation of inflammatory processes.

Mangosteen has been used in traditional medicine in South East Asia for thousands of years due to its unique immune supporting health benefits. It contains antioxidant compounds called mangostin and zanthone which have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. 

These capsules also contain Camu camu – a fruit grown in the river deltas of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon Rainforest which holds the highest documented levels of vitamin C of any known fruit! Fresh camu camu's vitamin C content is around 11 x that of blackcurrants, 38 x that of strawberries and 46 x that of oranges! Bump up your immunity this winter with our wonderful Immune Defence Capsules. 

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7. SuperGreens Capsules

If you haven’t heard of our SuperGreens before – they really are super. Those of us at Matakana SuperFoods who take them regularly, report higher energy levels, better clarity of mind and a feeling of vitality!
Our SuperGreens Capsules contain seven of the most nutrient-dense green foods known to man. With an abundance of key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and other beneficial plant compounds, these potent SuperGreens support whole body nutrition and general wellbeing. When taken daily these capsules are an easy and convenient way to get those green nutrients into your diet. They are ideal for busy professionals, athletes, health-conscious individuals and for those needing natural immune or detox support.

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