Surf Shot

Surf Shot

Some days you need a pick me up. Perhaps you’re preparing your body for a strenuous work out, or just in need of some serious energy to get you through the day.

This recipe is the perfect antidote - created by Kevin, Matakana SuperFoods founder, to ensure peak performance before hitting the waves. Kevin makes this smoothie on days when the surf is really challenging. Taken one hour before surfing these ingredients provide the body with what it needs to work that little bit harder.

This smoothie contains SuperChoc, our high-performance chocolate drink which is made from organic criollo Cacao Powder, Sacha Inchi Protein Powder and sweetened with low G.I., long burn high-performance Pure Coconut Sugar.

Suma is included for stamina; this Amazonian plant is known as an adaptogen – its chemical components help the body adapt to physical stress. Most notable amongst the plant chemicals in Suma is germanium, a cellular oxenganator and beta-ecdysterone, which helps muscle function and hormone levels.

The Goji Berry Powder assists with recovery and balancing blood sugar. Goji has an incredible history as a medicinal food in China and Tibet and is considered one of the most sacred ingredients in Chinese Medicine. Goji berries are known to restore vitality and improve skin and vision. The unique long chain polysaccharides in Goji are also known to protect the skin from sun damage and aid in the release and recovery of energy in muscle function.

Guarana is a powerful herbal tonic known to increase endurance and concentration. Just a quarter of a teaspoon can boost energy levels and mental alertness. Guarana contains Guaranine, a compound almost identical to caffeine, and rich in phytochemicals. Guarana is not immediately absorbed by the body, so the energy boost is slowly released - compared with the sudden energy high, and subsequent low, found in a cup of coffee.


1 Tbsp. Superchoc
1 tsp. Suma Root Powder
1 tsp. Goji Berry Powder
¼ tsp. Guarana powder (optional)
1 cup of milk of your choice


  1. Pour a cup of your favourite milk into a blender or shaker. Add a tablespoon of Choc la Cure powder.
  2. Add the Suma, Goji and the Guarana.
  3. Mix and go!