Popped Amaranth Berry Parfait

Popped Amaranth Berry Parfait

This simple, yet effective “Berry Parfait” is a wonderful, but different, breakfast treat. Plus, if you have never popped Amaranth before – it is so much fun. It’s like cooking the smallest popcorn imaginable!

This tasty breakfast, made up of just five ingredients, is highly nutritious. Included in it is our organic Peruvian Amaranth, which is premium grade and packed with protein and fibre.  The other key superfood is our delicious organic Cacao Powder – packed with magnesium and antioxidants. Cacao is said to help improve mood and reduce fatigue. We figure you’ll have a great start to the day with this little cup of goodness!


½ cup raw Organic Peruvian Amaranth
1 cup mixed frozen berries
1 cup of Greek yoghurt
2tbs Organic Cacao Powder
1 tsp Organic Coconut Butter


1. Use a small pot and heat the coconut butter until melted
2. Add the Amaranth – there’s no need to put a lid on as it does not jump very high!
3. You will hear the tiny grains popping – once the popping stops you will know that they are all done. Make sure that you reduce the heat so that you do not burn the grains. Make sure you give them a stir halfway through. 
4. Mix the cup of Greek yoghurt and the Cacao Powder well until smooth. 
5. Get creative! Find a nice glass, and start to layer your creation. Use half of the yoghurt mixture, then add a layer of the popped Amaranth. Keep a teaspoon of it aside to dress your dish.
6. Add a layer of frozen berries on top of the Amaranth. Avoid the grains sticking by smoothing your spoon down and around the surface. 
7. Add the other half of the cacao yoghurt mixture. Decorate with berries and the teaspoon of popped Amaranth.

You will find that if you let this dish set in the fridge for just a bit, the colour of the berries will soak down into the Amaranth and create a beautiful red coloured layer.

We hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as we enjoyed creating it!