Raw Cacao Chocolate

Raw Cacao Chocolate
Recipe by Jay & Sarah, MKR contestants

This right here is the “Real McCoy”, chocolate made with beautiful natural wholefood ingredients that are good for you. Its taste is deliciously divine, you’ll never want to eat another piece of cheap chocolate again.



1 cup cacao powder
1 cup cacao butter
1/3 cup coconut nectar, maple syrup or honey
2 tablespoons coconut oil


1/2 cup freeze-dried berries
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1 tablespoon chia seeds


  1. Melt down the cacao, cacao butter, coconut nectar and coconut oil in a double boiler over a low heat. (These ingredients are so pure and delicate so you want to melt them nice and slow until smooth and creamy)
  2. Pour on to a tray lined with baking paper or cling wrap, and sprinkle over some nuts, seeds, coconut or dried fruits for extra flavour.
  3. Allow to set in the freezer for 15-20 mins - then break it up and eat it as you please.