Banana Joe Chips Thai Sweet Chili

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Key benefits

Banana Joe is the first brand to create a real fruit chip that actually tastes like a proper potato chip: thin, crispy, and full of flavour! These banana chips are seasoned with chef-created flavours, using only sustainably grown Hom Thong bananas native to Thailand, sourced from various small-scale farmers. Green bananas are used as they have lower sugar content and are higher in prebiotic fibres. These bananas are picked fresh and packed on the same day for extra freshness. With up to three bananas per pack, they are the perfect snack for the whole family!

  • 1 billion probiotic cultures
  • Supports digestive health
  • Supports immune function



Reseal pouch and store in a cool dry place.


Banana, rice bran oil, Thai sweet chilli seasoning (organic coconut sugar, salt, spices - chili, onion, garlic - vinegar powder, yeast extract, natural flavouring, citric acid), inulin (natural dietary fibre), Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086.