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Broccoli Sprout Capsules 90 x 300mg

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Three key benefits

Matakana SuperFoods’ Broccoli Sprout powder is 100% organic and has up to 100x higher concentrations of sulforaphane than mature broccoli. Sulforaphane is well known for its health properties.



  • Sulforaphane
  • T-Cell Function
  • Antioxidants

Third-Party Research for Health Practitioners

"This article is included in the interests of consumer health education and is not intended to imply that such ingredients have been approved under the Medicines Act for the prevention or treatment of specific diseases or medical conditions. You should seek appropriate Healthcare professional advice for any medical condition."


Each 300mg capsule contains: 300mg Organic Broccoli Sprout. No additives or preservatives.


Take 1 capsule per day for general immune support or as professionally prescribed.