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A three (3) month nutritional programme to support the cellular mechanisms responsible for egg quality in women.

This protocol utilises cellular precursor nutrients responsible for supporting cellular energy, repair and a optimal metabolic environment for egg quality.

Females are born with all their eggs (no new eggs are produced during your lifetime) and these eggs have to be maintained during the fertile life of a woman in order to produce a viable egg at conception.

Egg quality typically fades with age and other metabolic stresses and can decline rapidly in a woman’s 30’s (particularly the 2nd half of that decade).

Although there have been many advances in fertility science in the past 20 years (including IVF treatment), egg quality for some women remains a relatively unaddressed issue.

An outline of the 5 parts of the Fertility Protocol follows below:


Part A: Specific repair enzymes called PARPs (short for poly-ADP ribose polymerase) are responsible for DNA repair and daily maintenance of all our cells including the egg. These PARP enzymes are wholly dependant on energy and signaling from the cells central control molecule NAD+.

Our cells have a limited supply of NAD+ and it has a lot of work to do in carrying out +400 processes within the cell. These include; converting food to energy, maintaining all our tissue repair and regeneration, responding to pathogens infections, injury and detoxing the body of harmful substances to name a few.

If our NAD+ stores are depleted by illness, poor diet, lack of sleep or exercise, inflammation and the aging process itself, then our PARP repair enzyme response might not be optimal (i.e the same repair enzymes you need to maintain your precious eggs).

An effective NAD+ precursor nutrient called nicotinamide riboside (NR) has recently been discovered which, when taken orally, converts to NAD+ and supports NAD+ levels by around 50% at a standard 300mg dose per day.

If your NAD+ levels are depleted or in decline, with NR (the active ingredient in Tru Niagen®) you can now support NAD+ levels for healthy PARP repair enzyme function.

When you first take Tru Niagen® your NAD+ levels will be supported within around 4 hrs and reach optimal levels over around 8 weeks.

Keeping your NAD+ stores replete is a key feature of this programme.


Part B: Senolytics are compounds that support the body’s natural ability to clear old, damaged (senescent) cells to make way for new, healthy cells.

Cellular senescence is a phenomenon where cells cease to divide but remain metabolically active. This means they are still 'alive' and growing, creating energy, generating and eliminating waste.

Senescent cells are usually enlarged, due to their growth in the absence of division. Some people refer to them as zombie cells – no longer functioning normally and creating havoc wherever they are.

These zombie cells secrete numerous pro-inflammatory and proteolytic factors (enzymes that break down protein), marked by the secretion of proinflammatory cytokines among other damaging mechanisms.

Senescent cells have been shown to accumulate with age; a phenomenon that impedes innate and adaptive immune responses, and adds to the body’s metabolic burden.

Common cellular stressors; such as oxidative stress, DNA damage, and mitochondrial dysfunction can trigger cellular senescence in cells.

Because senescent cells remain metabolically active, the burden of senescent cells increases, altering the local microenvironment, tissue structure and function.

Supplementation with Senolytic compounds such as Fisetin, which selectively target senescent cells, is emerging as a viable approach to support the body’s natural removal of senescent cells and healthy aging.

Fisetin, a flavonoid found in various plants and in minute quantities in some fruits and vegetables is one of the most powerful natural senolytics ever discovered.

Fisetin is the main ingredient in our advanced Fisetin Ultra supplement along with synergistic organic fucoidan and fenugreek for absorption.The Senolytic supplement is taken daily for the first week every month.

Combined Metabolic Support

Part C: Glutathione is another key chemical in the cell responsible for a number of critical actions that support cellular health and recovery including detoxification and metabolic functions.

Like NAD+, glutathione is not easily absorbed by the body, so precursor nutrients are the best way to support healthy glutathione levels.

Glutathione precursors have been used for some time by women wanting to support fertility.

The key here is combining the three precursor molecules in Matakana Health’s Combined Metabolic Support with the NAD+ precursor Tru Niagen® to support both the NAD+ and glutathione metabolic processors concurrently.

Glutathione precursors

Our Combined Metabolic Support contains three glutathione precursors and a trace amount of Zinc.

  • L-Serine
  • N-acetyl-cysteine
  • L- carnitine tartrate
  • Zinc (a small amount has also been added as its presence is required for certain repair mechanisms in the cell).


Part D: Short for gut microbiome, your “biome” is made up of beneficial bacteria in your gut and digestive tract which plays a crucial role in your body, including helping digestion, producing vitamins & inhibiting harmful pathogens.

Matakana Health’s proprietary Biome capsule includes the recently released, spore-forming super probiotic Bacillus subtilis DE111, which holds many advantages over other probiotics on the market due to its ability to withstand digestive acids and temperature.

Bacillus subtilis DE111 supports the re-establishment of a healthy and diverse intestinal flora, a necessary foundation for metabolic health and another key to supporting energy and creating an environment for optimum fertility.

Red and Green Spectrum Phytonutrients

Part E: A daily shot of our organic Super Reds and Supergreens powders to cover all bases and make sure you are not deficient in any of the purple, red, black, green spectrum phytonutrients which support optimum health.These two products are all natural and do not contain any additives, colourings, preservatives fillers or flavours. They’re also certified organic and gluten free.


During this three (3) month protocol you will receive dosage instructions and have access to Q & A with our team.

What to do, not to do and instructions on specific dosing and timing included with your purchase.

Fertility Protocol Includes:

Tru Niagen

4 x Bottles

(Total 120 capsules)


3 x Bottles

(Total 90 capsules)

Fisetin Ultra

2 x Bottles

(Total 60 capsules)


2 x Bottles

(Total 270 capsules)


1 x Packet

(Total 200g)

Super Reds

2 x Packets

(Total 240g)

Protocol Cost: $866

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