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Coconut Oil - Extra Virgin

Cold-pressed, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from organically grown coconuts.
Baking & Cooking 100% Natural High Smoke Point
Dairy Free
Gluten Free


Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% natural with no bleaching, deodorising or emulsifying agents used during its manufacturing process (unlike many cheaper, tasteless and odourless coconut oils on the market).

This premium oil has a mild, coco-nutty taste and has a high smoke point making it the perfect oil to use for high heat cooking. It is also a delicious addition to baking, smoothies and desserts.

How to Take

Ideal for high-heat cooking such as frying or for use in smoothies, baking and desserts. Can also be used as a replacement for butter on toast.

Store in a cool, dry place.


Certified organic 100% extra virgin coconut oil.

No additives or preservatives. GM free.

Source: Philipinnes

Our organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is sourced from carefully selected organically grown, mature coconuts from remote co-op farms in Philippines. The flesh is removed from the coconut before being dehydrated at a low temperature in order to retain all of its beneficial nutrients. The coconut meat is then cold-pressed to extract the oil before being filtered to remove sediments, then immediately packed into air-tight glass jars. No additives or chemicals such as bleach are used.

Serving Size: 15ml Serving Per Pack: 33
Avg. Qty./Serving Avg. Qty./100g
Energy 502.5kj 3350kj
Protein nil detected nil detected
Fat, total 13.95g 93g
- saturated 13.95g 93g
Carbohydrate nil detected nil detected
- sugars nil detected nil detected
Sodium nil detected nil detected

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Coconut 🥥

This coconut oil is great easy to use I use it for cooking and for wound care and remove makeup

Trish Dowd
Love love love!

I love the taste... the smell... the high quality... and of course cooking with the Matakana Coconut Oil.
I am now a return buyer :-)