About Us

Our Philosophy

Nourish your body, enrich your life

We believe nourishing your body is fundamental to not only your physical health but also to the health of your mind and overall wellbeing.

When you provide your body with the clean nutrition it thrives on, you feel good on a cellular level which facilitates a happy and healthy mind and body, and ultimately an enriched life. Superfoods are nature’s ultimate health boosters and can help you feel more energised, capable, strong and confident. Our aim is to provide the best quality, natural health foods sourced from organic and sustainable farms located in New Zealand and around the world.

Here at Matakana SuperFoods, we strive to benefit all involved: the earth, the indigenous farmer, and you the consumer.

Our Story

Matakana SuperFoods is a New Zealand-based, world leader in the research and marketing of new foods from New Zealand and around the globe, foods which contain unique qualities and super-nutrients that support health and wellbeing. Matakana SuperFoods was founded 12 years ago by Dr Kevin Glucina (a world leader in superfood nutrition), and now has more than 90 lines of superfood and organic products.

As New Zealand’s original superfood company, Matakana SuperFoods was first to market with some of today’s favorite everyday products including, chia seeds, maqui, goji and acai berries, coconut sugar and fermented sauces, as well as their icon Supergreens, Supershake and Acai bowl blends. Health and wellbeing have always been a priority for Dr Glucina. Having spent the previous 30 years involved in the health industry, researching the benefits of superfoods is now his main passion.

Back in the 80s and 90s and long before it was trending, Dr Glucina and wife Christina were following an additive-free, chemical-free, wholefood diet and lifestyle. They were totally committed to providing their children with the healthiest non-toxic diet and environment possible.

It’s no surprise that Matakana SuperFoods was amongst the very first companies in the world to recognize the potential benefit of super-nutrient wholefoods and integrate them into products that can be used as everyday options for health-conscious families.

Today under the company name Matakana Health ltd,  with brands Matakana SuperFoods and  “ Love organics”  Matakana Health  has moved ahead with the establishment of a large, eco-friendly, certified organic, solar powered warehouse and offices and a range of new innovations and crops to satisfy the need for unique ingredients.

Our Partners

We source many of our premium raw materials from Amazonian co-ops which are in direct partnerships with small indigenous farmers from several communities in the Andean highlands and the Amazon rainforest. These groups share social and environmental principles ensuring that their natural surrounds are preserved and that the local and indigenous peoples benefit from their efforts.

Our key suppliers are recognized as members of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), an international non-profit association that promotes ethical trade of ingredients originating from native biodiversity. Being a member of UEBT certifies commitment to biodiversity conservation, respect for traditional knowledge, and equitable sharing of benefits throughout the supply chain.



Dr Glucina explains a little bit more about the benefits and importance of Superfood in a daily diet. Check out this podcast interview with Natalie Cyra from Good Magazine. Everything you need to know about the positive effects they can have on your health.

Interview With Good Magazine - What is Superfood? By Kevin Glucina