Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

This delicious chocolate smoothie bowl uses our organic Criollo Heritage Cacao Powder and our organic Criollo Heritage Cacao Nibs. They are both made from the highest quality raw cacao available on the market. 

Native to the tropical regions of South America the cacao tree has been a very important food source for thousands of years. Its botanical name Theobroma Cacao literally means ‘Food of the Gods’. The medicinal uses of cacao have been dated as far back as the 16th century and range from helping to reduce fatigue to improving mood and heart strength. 

Sourced from the finest heritage Criollo cacao beans in Peru, our Organic Cacao Nibs are a yummy addition to baking and trail mixes or enjoyed straight out of the pack.

Thank you to Fiona from for this beautiful recipe.

A word from Fiona:

I am always so inspired to recreate a dish that I have eaten out, so one sunny morning I pulled together a few ingredients and made this delicious chocolate smoothie bowl. The addition of kumara (sweet potato) makes it super thick and creamy which goes so nicely with the crunchy toppings.



Serves 1


  1. Combine all smoothie ingredients into a blender and blend until thick and smooth

  2. Spoon into a bowl and add toppings such as the ones I have used here

  3. Serve immediately