Is Fucoidan The Secret To Longevity?

Is Fucoidan The Secret To Longevity?

The people of the Okinawan Island in Japan have one of the highest life expectancies in the world. This population has been under the spotlight of researchers for years, studies have identified the high consumption of fucoidan within the traditional Okinawan diet, along with other social and lifestyle factors, which are thought to be responsible for the unusually high number of residents living well past 100 years.

In fact, the majority of Okinawa’s elderly population were found to be generally more mobile and self-reliant. This population also showed less heart disease and lower cancer rates than in other parts of Japan, where the consumption of fucoidan rich seaweed was proportionately lower. In 2002 Japanese scientists tested the traditional breakfast of the Okinawan people which consisted mainly of a soup made from oily fish and undaria seaweed, which is rich in fucoidan. The results suggest that both oily fish and fucoidan rich seaweed have benefits for health and when combined together the benefits were multiplied.

I believe fucoidans are one of the most exciting new natural products in the natural health field. Much research is going on to find out specifics on how various types of fucoidan have a positive, supportive impact on the immune system. The science surrounding different fucoidans is complex and fucoidans extracted from different varieties of seaweed have different properties, the molecular weight of fucoidans also influences outcome as does the purity and bioactivity.

The origin of fucoidan is very important, it’s essential to choose fucoidan from seaweed grown in pure water. We choose fucoidan, which is extracted from hand-harvested seaweed grown in the South Pacific, free from any toxic residue.

To mimic the Okinawan diet, rich in fucoidan, we suggest that you take one capsule a day, or a tenth of a teaspoon of the powder formula, a little of this potent powder goes along way. The average Okinawan diet contains about 100mg of fucoidan per day; one capsule will provide approximately 130mg of pure fucoidan. We know that research indicates the immune supporting benefits of fucoidan start at around 100mg per day for an average sized adult. I recommend anyone struggling with immune issues to up their dosage to between two and four capsules a day.


Kevin Glucina



This article is based on 3rd party research for health practitioners.