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Key benefits



Vitamin E

Our Organic Extra-Virgin Sacha Inchi Oil also known as 'Inca Inchi Oil' is cold-pressed from the legendary Sacha Inchi seed, which grows sustainably in the Peruvian Amazon.
Sacha Inchi seeds have traditionally been used in Peruvian dishes for thousands of years and are now sustainably harvested by indigenous tribes in the region. The seeds are then cold-pressed to extract this highly nutritious oil which is rich in antioxidants, all 8 factors of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep your body in peak condition. With its mild nutty flavour it is ideal in dressings, on pasta or drizzled over salads and hot vegetables.

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  • Omega-3
  • Vitamin E
  • Antioxidants
  • Essential Fatty Acids

There are two commercial species of Sacha Inchi, Plukenetia Volubilis, which grows on the forest floor, and Plukenetia Huayllabambana, which has only been found at altitudes greater than 1300m, in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru.

Our Organic Extra-Virgin Sacha Inchi Oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the Plukenetia Huayllabambana plant. Its seeds are bigger than the seeds of the Sacha Inchi Plukenetia Volubilis, producing oil with a higher concentration of omega-3* (up to 58%), making this one of the most potent vegetarian sources of omega-3 known.

This newly discovered cultivar of Sacha Inchi also contains 24% omega-6 and 8% omega-9, creating the ideal balance between omega 3, 6 and 9. To find out more about the ideal omega 3:6:9 ratio click here.
The oil contains all eight factors of vitamin E and is rich in antioxidants. In total it delivers more than 93% healthy fats! These essential fatty acids play an important role in almost all the functions of the human body from helping to regulate inflammation, to supporting healthy hormones levels and radiant skin. They are classed as essential as the body can not produce them on its own and relies soley on our diet to obtain them.

Fatty Acid Composition of Sacha Inchi Oil

 Fatty Acid Composition %  
 Palmitic C 16:0  3
 Stearic C 18:0  2
 Oleic omega-9 C 18:1 w9  8
 Linoleic omega-6 C 18:2 w6  24
 Alpha-Linolenic omega-3 C 18:3 w3  56
 Total Saturated  5
 Total Unsaturated  88

* Sacha Inchi Oil contains the precursor of omega-3 – alpha-linolenic acid, which allows us to metabolize our own omega-3.

Third-Party Research for Health Practitioners

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Use in the same way as you would extra virgin olive oil – in salads, dips, dressings, vinaigrettes or drizzled over vegetables, pasta or fish. Can also be used as a superior replacement for flaxseed oil.


Store below 30°C and out of direct sunlight.



100% cold-pressed, extra virgin Sacha Inchi oil (Plukenetia Huayllabamban). USDA certified CU812626.


The sacha inchi seeds used to make our Organic Extra-Virgin Sacha Inchi Oil are harvested from sustainable, high-altitude crops by native Indian co-op farmers in the Peruvian Amazon. An Oxfam initiative has enabled the native Sacha Inchi crop to become a reliable income stream for the local people helping to facilitate economic stability within the local villages.