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Love Potion Smoothie
Love Potion Smoothie

For Valentine’s Day this year we created a Love Potion smoothie to share with someone special. Along with the natural goodness of apple, carrot, celery and ginger we have used our coconut water, beetroot, goji, and maca powders.

Did you know there are three different types of maca? We chose to use red maca as it contains high values of various phytochemicals such as alkaloids, cardiotonic glycosides, glucosinolates, saponins, and tannins.

Love Potion Smoothie
Serves 2



1 apple, diced
1 celery stick, diced
2 small carrots, sliced
1 T ginger, grated
2 T organic coconut water powder
4 t organic beetroot powder 
1/2 t organic gelatinised red maca root powder
1/2 t organic goji berry powder
1 cup water
4 ice cubes
organic cacao nibs (optional)


Blend all ingredients together until smooth.
Sprinkle with cacao nibs to decorate if desired.